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Social media is at the forefront of digital marketing, and it’s not going anywhere. While valuable and accessible, social management is also time-consuming and ever-changing. Coast Creative has a strong understanding of building, fostering and adapting a strong social presence that can lead to real life ROI … and don’t we all love good ROI.

Every business requires something different out of their website. Coast Creative offers all 3 of the major website platforms—WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify—because each has it’s place. Based on your industry, your goals and your budget, we will match you with the perfect website.

In the world of digital marketing, the influence of influencers is still on the rise. Used independently or with social management and advertising, our influencer programs are able to deliver real results on some of the world’s most popular, but competitive platforms.

Social Media
Digital Advertising
Photography + Videography
Web Development
Reputation Management
Email Marketing

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The first step to any Coast strategy is to collaborate with you, our client. At it’s foundation, our strategy must align with your short-term business goals and long-term vision.


Quality digital marketing should be available to businesses of all sizes. Our Coast team prides itself on using creativity to develop marketing strategies that can adjust to nearly any client need.


Our mom says we’re perfect, but the truth is, we can all use some work. Same goes for your strategy. With regular monitoring and reporting, we can refine our approach and adjust the strategy until we find that perfect fit.

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Our greatest successes come from our strongest client partnerships. We like to work closely with our clients, becoming a part of the team rather than an entity outside of it. As a partner, we look for the best pathways to success and are always prepared to alter the course to get there. When you work with us, you know we are always looking for a way to do better and achieve more.

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