5 Steps Towards Better Squarespace SEO

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5 Steps Towards Better Squarespace SEO

5 Steps Towards Better Squarespace SEO 3360 2240 Lura Mack

SEO. Sounds uber techy but it’s actually not. We are cracking the code to 5 steps towards bettering your online cred. 

You’ve heard the term SEO thrown around and it’s actually way less technical of word than it sounds. Search engine optimization, it’s a technique used to organically help your audience find you more efficiently, gain website traffic, and build engagement with your followers/readers/dream customers. When you Google search, your search engine will populate the most relevant websites based on your search and they will appear at the top. Those sites/businesses that are listed first included those keywords to ensure they’re ranked higher and easier to find. A search engine wants to compile sites that they trust and that provide on point info to what users are looking for.  Here’s some of the handful of techniques to maximize your Squarespace SEO:

1. Organize your Pages

Make it easier on your users/readers to find what their looking for by organizing your pages. Choose the main topics that you’d like to organize your brand into. Your primary categories should be organized into one main, umbrella category. By creating these categories, your site is more user friendly to navigate to their desired topics.

2. URLs: Keep👏🏽it👏🏽simple

Do all you can to make the URLs of your blog posts as simple as possible. Squarespace generates a post title for you however, you can change it to be shorter but still have the necessary information included. Search engines like Google prefer shorter/cleaner URLs. If for some reason it’s crucial to include the date, we urge you to keep it simple. Here’s an example: https://yourdomain.com/blog/keep-it-simple

3. Valuable, Consistent Content

You want to create quality content that is relevant and in line with what your readers are looking for. This is Evergreen Content.  It’s content that will be relevant and applicable yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  In order for Google trust sites, it needs to become familiar with the content and information that users are looking for.  This is why it’s important when you’re building a blog post to make a point to utilize those keywords that circle back and reference your post title.  

4. A picture is worth 1,000 (SEO key)words

Give your images clear names that describe the photo well. By adding in alternative text, you optimize the visibility of your photos for various search engines. Computers are smart and all, but a search engine isn’t going to recognize the contents of that image. So, instead of leaving a photo named “IMG_123”, give it a name that describes what the image is.

5. Good things take T I M E

In a perfect world, we click publish and the whole world sees our site. Unfortunately, building trust and a relationship with search engines will take some time. SEO takes time to build, but once that relationship and recognition is there with google, your content will be found! So hang in there and keep that premium content coming!

Next topic coming soon! Stay tuned!