Cohesive Quality: Create an Instagram Aesthetic

Cohesive Quality: Create an Instagram Aesthetic

Cohesive Quality: Create an Instagram Aesthetic 1798 1148 Susan Rapaglia

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Your Instagram Feed Is As Important as Your Website Homepage

Say hello to 2019’s version of the first impression. Like it or not, it’s not just important, but imperative that your Instagram profile aesthetic matches your brand in both style and quality. As more people than ever take to Instagram to find and research businesses, now’s the time to dedicate some resources to crafting your “Instalook” … or finding some nice people to help you do so 😉

Fear not, as part of our Coast Creative social media marketing services we work closely with companies of all industries to find an aesthetic (think mood, color scheme, etc) that properly represents one’s brand. Here’s a few of our top Instagram tips for a feed that will convert.

Executing Your Instagram Aesthetic

One of the easiest ways to create a cohesive look/feel to your Instagram feed is to edit your photos with similar filters and colors. Below are a few great apps that can help create some harmony amongst your photos.


This beautiful app has a plethora of filters and variables that you can use to customize the color, hue, saturation, and light in each photo. VSCO also has a huge community of users whose public profiles you can browse for inspiration.


You can easily save, share, and edit your favorite photos with Snapseed’s variety of editing tools and filters. The sliders and customizable focus features allow you to edit with precision, and the special effects and filter combinations can help give your Instagram feed a little something extra.


While there are some great photo editing apps out there, the selection of filters on Instagram work great, too. The key to executing a beautiful Instagram aesthetic is consistently using the same filters and settings, no matter which app you use for your photo editing.

Lightroom Mobile

While Lightroom (part of the Adobe fam) can be daunting and more technical than other photo editing apps, it’s common for Instagram personalities to now sell their photography presets for Lightroom. Upon purchasing, you simply download Lightroom Mobile (yes, there is a free version), upload the presets and your future photo editing is as easy as one click!

Planning Your Instagram Feed

After editing comes planning. In order to create an aesthetically pleasing visual feed that flows seamlessly and works cohesively, you must plan!

There’s no “I” in photo! Instagram photos work best as a team. The three apps below help you plan and curate your feed by mimicking your Instagram grid. Plan out a week (or a month for you overachievers) at a time and be careful to place photos in a way that makes your overall feed visually pleasing:


One of the most effective Instagram planners on the market. This handy tool allows you to organize posts, write captions, create sets of hashtags, and even pull in “reposts” from other Instagram URLs in one spot. With the scheduling ability and mobile app to remind you of your posts, your feed will never skip a beat.


Say goodbye to posting and deleting photos because they didn’t align with your feed! With this free app, you can load your photos onto a grid that mimics the look of your Instagram feed. Once you’ve uploaded your current photos, it’ll be easier to add photos to the grid to see if they harmonize with your feed before you post.


Like the Preview App, Unum allows you to plan out the aesthetics of your feed without actually posting them to Instagram. With fun features like “Live Mode” that allow you to shift photos straight from your Instagram feed, this app is popular among all kinds of creators and Instagram junkies.

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