3 Reasons You Should Be Using Video Marketing

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Video Marketing

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Video Marketing 1200 800 Susan Rapaglia

They say content is king, but we think that needs to be a little more specific: VIDEO content is king. Coast Creative believes deeply in this theory—nay fact–and work with many of our clients to create attractive, engaging videos that will convert. Of course, video can seem like just another marketing investment, but is it? Is skipping video a short-sighted business decision? Here are Coast Creative’s

Top 3 Reasons To Use Video Marketing

People LOVE Video

And not just cat videos. Video marketing engages in a way that photos can’t, and certainly like marketing copy can’t. According to KPCB, video will account for over 74% of all online traffic. That’s an insane percentage. Another incredible number, 500 million (YES, MILLION) people are watching videos on Facebook each and every day (TubularInsights). Be where your customers are: in a video on social media!

It’s Got the ROI we LOVE

Video converts! Including videos on your landing page can improve conversions. And, online videos can serve as fantastic lead generation, brand awareness and customer engagement tools. According to vidyard.com, 70% of their survey respondents reported video content performed better than any other content type for producing conversions. Let us also mention that video possesses another type of ROI—ROTI or Return On Time Investment. Video can convey and incredible amount of information in a short amount of time. Viewers have to do very little work to learn about your product, service or brand.

…And, Facebook Says So

We’d like to think we’re the boss, but the fact of the matter is we work hard to stay ahead industry trends and the evolving rules of digital marketing. As we sit now, Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm values video more than it does a traditional image-based advertisement. SEO.com states that “videos have repeatedly shown that they have much larger organic reach and engagement than other forms of content. People are watching more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day…” Additionally, video advertising on Facebook is one of THE MOST cost-effective forms of digital advertising you can complete.