Squarespace Versus WordPress: What’s Right For You?

Squarespace Versus WordPress: What’s Right For You?

Squarespace Versus WordPress: What’s Right For You? 2100 1400 Susan Rapaglia

It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves. It’s a question our clients have asked. And you may be wondering right now: Should I use Squarespace or WordPress for my new website. Our simplest answer is, unfortunately, not that simple; because it all depends on you.

Today, we’re comparing the three primary differences between WordPress and Squarespace so that you can make the right decision for your business.


Both WordPress and Squarespace provide beautiful website templates designed for different industries, and both can be customized. That said, WordPress has  considerably more (an understatement) plugins and options than Squarespace. In fact, there are over 40,000 WP plugins available right now! When talking to clients, we typically say that WP is a more robust website platform, and a great option for those needing more site capabilities and functions. With less customization on Squarespace, there are also fewer chances for things to go wrong in the development phase. If you are building a website yourself, that’s something to certainly keep in mind.

Winner: WordPress


Who doesn’t like easy? Get in, get out, get a website, right? While WordPress allows for high levels of customization, it’s not necessarily the easiest. Squarespace, on the other hand, was developed for those of us who are NOT developers. Much of Squarespace is drag and drop. You, the builder, can see exactly what is happening as you are doing and can adjust as such. That said, WordPress is a very “learnable” platform, and certain aspects of a website are incredibly easy to use. Blogs, for example are easy to post and update. The WordPress Backend and Frontend Editors are also helping the less tech-savvy create quality websites.

Winner: Squarespace


Squarespace certainly makes it easy with upfront costs and everything you need baked in. WordPress requires you find your hosting and will often require a handful of plug ins to really make your website pop. Hiring a Squarespace designer is also often less expensive than working with someone who specializes in WordPress. This, of course, is dependent on the situation; but it’s typically a safe bet that the WP site will be a more time-intensive build.

Winner: Squarespace

Yes, technically Squarespace won 2 out of the 3 comparisons, but that doesn’t mean we think Squarespace is a better platform. It still goes back to what functions your websites must perform.

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