The Best Photo Editing Apps

The Best Photo Editing Apps

The Best Photo Editing Apps 800 482 Susan Rapaglia

If you ask our Coast Creative team “What is the best photo editing app out there,” you may get a difference of opinion. What we are in agreement of, however, is that we all need photo editing in our lives.

Listen to us now: ALL photos should be edited before posting. Just like we as people can use a little sprucing up here and there, so do our photos. So, while we might not be able to choose the “best,” we have selected our top 3 favorite photo editing apps.

Best All Around: SNAPSEED

Snapseed, a Google product, got a few votes here at Coast thanks to its primary processing abilities when it comes to things like exposure, ambiance, sharpening and straightening. We love that in addition to “Tools,” Snapseed also offers “Looks” that includes your last edits. This comes in quite handy when you’re editing multiple photos in a row. This consistency is key to a cohesive to that enviable Instagram feed.

Best Filters: VSCO

You can’t really talk about photo editors without mentioning VSCO. Pronounced “Visco,” no one does filters better. These are not your overpowering filters, these are the filters that make you say “oh hello, photo.” Not to mention their basic photo editing tools are pretty on point as well.


There’s a little something for everyone (who loves color in their lives) with A Color Story and its new sister-app, A Design Kit. Enjoy an incredible range of presets that can take your photos from nice to “I got how many likes?!?” Pair that with A Design Kit and you’re able to develop really creative photos that will stand out from any crowd.

We feel it’s only right to note that a both VSCO, A Color Story and A Design Kit offer a good number of their features for a fee. A small fee, but nonetheless a fee.

Photos and the editing apps that beautify them is a piece of the overall social media puzzle. If you’re looking for more ways to increase your following, improve engagement and build your brand, get in touch today!